We never tire of this great write up from The Charleston City Paper’s ‘Dish’ Dining Guide. Local love is the best!
Thanks again guys!

Tucked in a cosy Charleston single house on Pinckney Street, just a stone’s throw away from the busy City Market, under the leadership of Chef John Zucker, Cru Cafe has been serving wandering visitors and in-the-know locals for more than a decade now between its downtown dining room and its original namesake, Cru Catering. Chances are you’ve had their crowd-favorite four-cheese mac, their shrimp and grits, or their other small bites, but you owe it to yourself to stop by the cafe. Stop in and be seated at tables lining the house’s old living room and porch — you’ll feel right at home. Expect satisfying plates ranging from their famous Thai seafood risotto for dinner to generous salads and sandwiches priced right around $10. —Sam Spence Dish (Summer 2014)


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