Cru Cafe is proud to be a small part of such an amazing city, and while our chefs, cooks and staff make it a wonderful place our local partners are a big key to our success.

Bread is something we at Cru don’t take lightly and that’s why our local bakers mean so much to us, including the talented folks over at EVO Bakery.

You may be familiar with EVO Pizza (located in the Park Circle area of North Charleston)– you guessed it- that’s the same EVO that supplies Cru with many of our bread products for our delicious Cru eats.

EVO decided that “baking seemed to be an underserved niche, specifically European breads and pastry” and opened EVO Bakery in 2012.

Cru has been more than pleased with the service, quality and fresh, homemade taste of EVO’s products and are grateful to have them as a local partner.

If you’re ever in their area make sure to stop in and enjoy a fresh pastry or crafted sandwich- or grab a loaf to go!


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