Either you’re a huge fan of the Chef’s Table or you’re wondering what the big deal is. We loved this article on what a ‘Chef’s Table’ is all about. It’s personally one of our favorite features at the Cafe and we hope you’ll join us for this unique experience next time you visit. 

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“A chef’s table typically is located in a restaurant kitchen. It is reserved for guests of the chef. Most chef’s tables have bar-type seating to save kitchen space. In some restaurants, the service is temporary or seasonal, while other eateries offer the service on a regular basis.

Making reservations to sit at this table typically is necessary for several reasons: there is only one of these tables and it may already be reserved on any given day for a special occasion. The chef also needs to make sure his or her schedule is organized so that he or she has time to talk with the dinner party. Chefs usually prepare special menus for diners who reserve the kitchen table.

Some tables are bar-seating areas that divide the kitchen from the regular customer dining area. A genuine chef’s table usually should be separate from regular dining tables; it should actually be located inside the kitchen. The inner kitchen viewpoint can be fascinating since guests at the table can watch the food being prepared and plated.

Guests at this table typically receive a lot of attention from restaurant staff. Not only does the head chef communicate with guests and offer them the day’s freshest menu choices, but the head sommelier, or wine steward, will usually make several expert suggestions of wines from which to choose. Some restaurant owners add service charges onto the food bill as a way of compensating for the extra attention of the staff.”   – Via Wisegeek.com 

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  1. Manny
    Manny says:

    Had dinner Saturday night at Cru, sat on the chefs table and it was like watching a ballet. The food was fantastic as was the staff. I was just visiting Charleston, Cru was definitely one of the highlights.


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