Cru Cafe is proud to be a small part of such an amazing city, and while our chefs, cooks and staff make it a wonderful place our local partners are a big key to our success.

Much of Cru Cafe’s fresh and local produce comes from Limehouse Produce. Limehouse Produce has been providing farmed produce and unique products to restaurants in the Charleston area for more than 70 years via famers country wide.

The growth of Limehouse Produce has been spawned by Charleston’s culinary rise and every item they showcase and sell has been based on a need from the local community. Limehouse Produce has continued to grow based on what the local culinary community requires. Many of the most successful Charleston chefs today are protégées of those pioneer chefs of the 70s and early 80s.

We are grateful for the staff and quality of products provided from Limehouse Produce. Learn more about this great organization and all they do in our community here.

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