We always love hearing from our patrons whether first timers or our beloved regulars. It makes our day learning how Cru Cafe satisfied your cravings and left you with a smile. It’s only right that we get a special review that warms our hearts we share, and this was a review worth sharing!

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We hole-up in Charleston each winter for about three months. That leaves 9 months of anticipation and idle dreaming. My wife is always eager to visit Magnolia Plantation and see the birds. Well, I dream about the restaurants. One of my favorites is Cru Café. Let me tell you why.

Heck, it looks like a 1950s café inside, where you don’t see much leather or quartered oak. The servers are friendly and have no problem talking about Cru’s food as well as other restaurants in the area. I feel like I’m in Mayberry there with Andy Griffith. The food is incredible. Last night we had the FGTs (fried green tomatoes), fried oysters, and two specials – Tile fish and short ribs. The FGTs are the very best on this sweet little earth. Crisply fried with a dark brown crust that won’t flake off. The tomatoes are on the a la dente side, the dish is covered in cubes of fried port belly, feta cheese, and “smoked tomato caramel.” The sauce that is a perfect compliment to everything else. This is the reference standard FGT dish. Globally. The largish buttermilk-fried oysters were fried golden brown sitting in a sweetish sauce along with BBQ butter beans and baby arugula. I have hated lima beans all my life – but, I gobbled these “butter beans” up like they were candy. These oysters, too, are “reference standard” where I can’t say I’ve ever had better. My wife had the Tile fish and thought it was very good – the bowl of short ribs and crispy potatoes were simply amazing. It does not get much better than this – and besides being delicious, each dish was a work of art. Ahhh. Now back to the anticipation … of my next visit to the Cru Café.

Visited January 2016
User: David C.
Charleston, SC

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