Thanks to our friends at the Vendue Inn for sharing this great blog with us from
we can’t help but blush at the kind words about the Café.

“Our third night at Cru Café was life changing. Seated at the chef’s table, we were truly transported. The chef de cuisine named Erin had us sample whatever she was making from her signature dish of a Nantucket scallop dancing on lemon risotto, to a four cheese baked mac and cheese, to a Chinese inspired fried brussel sprouts side that redefined the vegetable.


We couldn’t resist tasting the fried green tomatoes topped with braised pork or the crispy, truffle parmesan fries. Jacob Fuhr, the general manager, could not be more hospitable, asking me to sample his favorite craft beers and giving me his tips on Thanksgiving birds; “Smother the bird in peanut butter and then deep fry it for 40 minutes, that’s a southern Thanksgiving!”  We walked out, feeling not only had our palettes experienced the most sensory fireworks ever but we made friends.”


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