Meet the brave man who serves at Cru Cafe along side a highly estrogen filled staff: Johnnie Matthews 


Johnnie, a South Carolina native, has been an amazing asset at the cafe for the past 3 years. Since he was 15 he has been involved in the food and beverage industry, and we love having him on our staff. Commenting on his time at Cru, Johnnie states,  “I just enjoy creating a memorable experience for people. A lot of a clientele are in town visiting and may not have the opportunity to dine at restaurants like we have in Charleston frequently, so to me it’s very important to make it a great memory. When they come back a year later and remember my name, and are so pleased to be back in our restaurant I know I’ve done my job.”

Favorite Cru Cafe Menu Item:
“This is a hard one for me seeing how I’ve eaten through the menu many times in my 3 years. The menu is so solid sometimes it’s hard to pick a favorite. I find myself a repeat offender of ordering the duck confit arugula salad. It’s by no means a healthy salad, but man is it delicious. Port wine vin, candied pecans, fried onions, and duck cooked in it’s own fat… What’s not to love?”

Why Johnnie works at Cru:
“I chose Cru because of their consistency. Never do I have to worry about a bad dish hitting the table. It makes my job so much easier when everyone is doing their job as well. It’s just good unpretentious food.”

Craziest request while being a server:
“Don’t know how crazy it is, but one of my favorite requests is from a pregnant lady whose family was unaware of her pregnancy. I served her sprite in a champagne flute all night. She acted 6 proseccos deep as well.”

Why Charleston (as if we have to ask…):
“I mean the food and drink. We are so spoiled here. I travel a lot and when I leave town it’s such a let down when I dine out. I’m also pretty into night swimming at the beach.”

Thanks to Johnnie for being a good sport, and a great addition to the Cru Family! 


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