Cooking a special dinner for your certain someone? Treat them to this simple, yet delicious, recipe from Chef Zucker. This Asian Slaw is a favorite among our Cru Cafe staff and guests. Bon Appetite! 

John Zucker’s Asian SlawSep-27-2011-01-2-580x773
1ea Red Pepper (julienne)

1ea Poblano Pepper (julienne)

1ea Carrot (julienne)

½ head Napa Cabbage (julienne)

½ Red Onion (julienne)

Daikon Radish (julienne)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Slaw – Julienne all ingredients and mix together in a mixing bowl. Add about two ounces of sesame dressing. Salt and Pepper to taste. Taste the slaw to see if more dressing is needed. Serve immediately.


1 cup Peanut Oil

1/3 cup Rice Wine Vinegar

1T Sesame Oil

2T Toasted Sesame Seeds

Salt and Pepper to taste

Dressing – Mix all ingredients together. This dressing does not emulsify. Mix very well before serving.

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