We always love hearing from our patrons whether first timers or our beloved regulars. It makes our day learning how Cru Cafe satisfied your cravings and left you with a smile. It’s only right that we get a special review that warms our hearts we share, and this was a review worth sharing! 


We loved our lunch here. Short rib salami sandwich, garlic chicken sandwich, build a burger and turkey sandwich. All these items sound mundane, but the quality and freshness of the ingredients (great breads, excellent lettuce, delicious tomato bacon jam) coupled with the really crispy, not at all greasy shoestring french fries ensured a high quality meal with a delightful server, Carrie. I love when I order Diet Coke and it comes in the glass bottle. Carrie’s description of the orange cake as tasting light and like a creamsicle was spot on. The place is deservedly very busy. Highly recommend.

Visited: October 2016
User: Ann06 

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