Charleston’s Best BLTs

Posted on Thursday, 10 July 2014.
By Alex Derbyshire

My first memorable meal in Charleston, South Carolina, was a BLT. After that, I noticed that this classic appears on lunch menus around the city. A lifetime believer in sandwiches-for-lunch, I promptly devised a plan to find the best BLTs in Charleston, using this mission to try great food without breaking the bank.

Here’s a taste of my favorites, five delicious sandwiches that are affordable, often made from local and seasonal ingredients, and enjoyed in a cool, friendly atmosphere.

The Gourmet- Cru Café Shrimp BLTIMG_4466More elaborate than most, this encompasses the best of summer dining in Charleston. Featuring seared shrimp and maple bacon aioli, it’s decadent, but full of the sweet flavors of Carolina shrimp.

The Unexpected- Bay Street Biergarten Gobalt (Fancy BLT)
The Classic- Ted’s Butcherblock BLT
The Southern Comfort- Caviar and Bananas Pimento Cheese BLT
The Mashup- The Tattooed Moose Smoked Chicken Salad BLT
Read the full article and details here from the Local Palate.

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