Cru Chef Peden took some time recently to teach our ‘crew’ how to pull fresh mozzarella.  
PicMonkey CollageDoesn’t everything just taste so much better FRESH?
Try your hand at this technique with this Cru recipe:

1 lb Mozzarella Curd
1 gal Water
½ cup Salt
Two medium size mixing bowls
Wooden Spoon

Add the salt to your water and heat up the water in a sauce pan until it is at a rapid boil.
Take half of the Mozzarella curd and crumble into a medium mixing bowl.
Fill the other bowl half way with ice and water.
The ice and water will be used to cool down the mozzarella after you pull it.

Ladle the boiling salted water over the crumbled mozzarella until it is completely covered with hot water. Take a wooden spoon and agitate the mozzarella curd slowly.
You should see the mozzarella almost look like it is melting.

Dip your hands in the ice bath that you have ready to get your hands cold so you can start to pull the hot mozzarella.
Take your hands out of the ice water and take out the hot mozzarella with your hands and pull the cheese tucking the cheese on the bottom until you see a nice sheen.
Do this process over the hot water. You will have to put the cheese back in the hot water and dip your hands in the ice a few times to achieve the correct consistency.
As the cheese starts to shine you will notice it getting firm. When the cheese is firm shape it into a ball and place it in your ice bath to cool rapidly.

Repeat process with the other half of mozzarella curd. Cool down the cheese and refrigerate to slice later.

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