There’s never a time that we aren’t grateful and overwhelmed by accolades from our visitors. Whether they’re bloggers, writers, locals or tourists, when they say something nice about Cru Cafe, we can’t thank them enough. Our staff works hard daily to make sure the freshest ingredients arrive at your table. We also make sure that if you have nutritional concerns that we will do the best to make sure we can help you. Recently, a Charleston blogger, Claire O’Bryan from came in with a friend for lunch. Claire has worked with cancer patients at MUSC’s Hollings Cancer Center on the full potential of food, both good and bad. She now works with Dr. Phillip Davis on A true foodie with a mission to educate.

Many of our visitors enjoy a nice vegetarian meal, even if they aren’t vegetarian, it’s all about the options. Instead of us telling you about her adventures at Cru Cafe, here’s an excerpt from her blog:

“My lovely neighbor Reames and I went on Thursday while our husbands were busy. It was a great date, I might add. Reames is a bit of an erratic orderer, self proclaimed and proven time and time again… but she loved everything she got. She had the special soup, cucumber and dill, followed by the smoked salmon and a side of the truffled potatoes. I know. Erratic. I knew I wanted to start with the caprese salad, as Cru puts a great twist of adding roasted peppers over a bed of mixed greens with great balsamic and olive oil. For my entree, I wanted a meatless dish but the lemon risotto I wanted came with salmon on top. I nervously asked the waiter if they could maybe make a vegetarian dish out of the lemon risotto. He was super friendly and said OF COURSE! Side note – if you see something on a menu that you want, or want a meatless variation, don’t be afraid to ask! Good chefs will be happy to accommodate you. So of course, they made a vegetarian lemon risotto with squash, zucchini, green beans, red peppers and onions.

IT. WAS. AMAZING. I took a terrible picture, as we were outside and I was so excited about eating it that I didn’t have the patience to try and take a better one. The lemony flavor was light and aromatic, and the summer vegetables were crisp and flavorful. It may be one of my favorite things I’ve ever eaten. Ever. They also have a Thai seafood risotto which is amazing as well.

I cannot recommend Cru Cafe enough. It’s one of Charleston’s best, and I guarantee you can always count on a great meal there. College of Charleston graduate Nate Bergeron is the general manager, and will make sure you get great service as well. If you have a big party, don’t forget to ask about the private dining room upstairs! There is definitely something for everyone at Cru!”

WOW! Thanks Claire, we appreciate it. To read more about her review of Cru visit 


Courtesy of Claire O'Bryan

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