Getting amazing messages from our patrons makes our day and this one sure took the cake~ so of course we had to share it with you! 


Thank you! I walked into your incredible restaurant for the first time in a year and a half and felt like a STAR! John recognized me!!! What!!! I was with my daughters on this visit and they were blown away! You see…being “a regular” is a  goal of every member of the Peterson family.  I was treated like, ” a regular”. My husband and I were there twice in October of 2013 and John was our waiter both times. Okay, enough about me…..

Thank you for letting John wait on our table, Thank you to the wait person who was switched off our table, Thank you for showing our friend, who now lives on Mt Pleasant, but went to High School with my daughter here in Marblehead, that CRU Cafe is the best!!!

Thank you, our entire dining experience was top notch, once again…and yes… We will be back.

Loving being a Cru Cafe Regular!

~ Valerie

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