Cru Cafe is proud to be a small part of such an amazing city, and while our chefs, cooks and staff make it a wonderful place our local partners are a big key to our success.

Cru Cafe has been serving delicious dishes accompanied by Brown’s Court Bakery breads for years, and they just keep getting better. Serving tasty pastries, decadent desserts and perfectly crafted coffee in a charming Lowcoutnry shop, Brown’s Court Bakery, is definitely a Charleston staple.

Next time you’re perusing the cobble stone streets of Charleston stop in for a sweet snack and cup of joe – 199 Saint Philip St, Open daily 7am-7pm- Tell’em Cru sent you!


Their Story:
Built in the 1800′s, the site was originally named Brown’s Court and consisted of four “sister” houses. Now occupied by Brown’s Court Bakery, 199 Saint Philip is the only remaining structure. Today the building is a vibrant addition to an already up and coming area of town. Harkening back to the original Browns Court, the bakery strives to preserve Charleston’s quality and variety of life by offering a large assortment fresh baked bread, pastries and specialty confections.

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