Who You Callin' a Shrimp?

Everyone, locals and visitors, love the fresh supply of seafood from our beautiful Charleston waters. A popular favorite is fresh & local shrimp.  Commercially in Charleston the first shrimp season (called roe season) usually begins the…
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Try Your Hand at Our Thai Seafood Risotto

With fresh Seafood breaching the Charleston waters in the coming weeks as warm weather begins to approach we thought we'd share the recipe for Cru's beloved Thai Seafood Risotto- courtesy of Chef John Zucker. Thai Seafood Risotto Serves…
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The Season for Seafood

With February coming to an end warmer weather is on the horizon which means lots of new choices in the fresh food department for the Lowcountry. As you all know, Cru Café loves serving up local goods in innovative and unique ways and the new…