If you’ve been around the Cafe lately you may have seen some new faces in the kitchen. Cru Cafe is excited to formally introduce our NEW Sous Chef Rachel Blumenstock. Rachel is no stranger to the Cru family and we are thrilled to have her continue her culinary endeavors at Cru.


Chef Rachel Blumenstock joined Cru Café shortly after it opened in 2000. Rachel has been a vital asset to Cru Café totaling over 10 years on staff, taking some time in between to return to her New York roots, Rachel rejoined the Cru family in 2010.

When she moved back to the Holy City, Rachel could have explored the vast world of culinary careers in Charleston but chose to return to Cru stating, “ It’s the Best food, Open Kitchen and they are my true family.”

Rachel’s food and beverage career began to take root as a teenager while working for a bagel shop in Rockland County, New York. Rachel fell in love with the art and plating of culinary dishes. She looks at her culinary career as an art form- appealing to both senses of sight and taste.

Rachel loves all food but you may be surprised to know she has an affinity to black pepper! She loves testing and trying various types of ethnic foods listing sushi, pasta and charcuterie among her top picks.

When it comes to dining at the Café she notes that the Famous Four Cheese Mac is her go-to, adding, “It’s just too hard to pick a favorite. The menu is so good I can’t seem to leave this awesome café!” Rachel lives in Charleston with fiancé Michael and their two dogs Maci and Brule.

Her claim to fame? Her handmade Parmesan Potato Gnocchi- tasty and the fluffiest in town.

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