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Everyone, locals and visitors, love the fresh supply of seafood from our beautiful Charleston waters. A popular favorite is fresh & local shrimp.  Commercially in Charleston the first shrimp season (called roe season) usually begins the end of May and lasts about four weeks. The second shrimp season (for brown shrimp) usually begins in June and ends in August, and the third and final shrimp season (for white shrimp) peaks through the fall and ends in December or January.  You can usually catch one of the many Charleston Shrimp boats docked in Shem Creek.

According to DNR due to our cool spring the shrimp are a little smaller and a bit fewer than usual, but have spawned normally. Shrimpers along the lowcountry coast are hoping for a better season’s end that last year. Competition between local and imported shrimp is still ever increasing, and fuel prices don’t help. Statistics show that each year there are fewer and fewer local shrimp trawlers.


Cru Cafe

Cru always serves fresh and local, but we always want to have that option! That is why supporting local businesses is so important to us. When shopping or dining support your local fishers, shrimpers, retailers and farmers and keep Charleston local!


Cru Cafe



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